Project CHIP

Microsite design for Cirrus Logic’s employee recruiting efforts. This site was part of a larger multimedia campaign. The Project CHIP site was designed to be entertaining, informative and give an accurate showing of what Cirrus’ corporate culture is all about. (I have to admit, they’re a pretty fun bunch.) The microsite incorporates recent jobs, flash games and CHIP content.

Created at Door Number 3 • AD: BK • Copywriter: Mark Killian • CD: Prentice Howe

Turner Residential

Complete site redesign for Austin-based real estate and home construction company Turner Residential. The challenge with this project was to inject the right amount of personality, but have it still be balanced with rich content. SEO and conversion was top-of-mind with Turner, so the site was built from the ground up to put Turner in key search results and leads by housing (sorry) a variety of original content.

Completed at Door Number 3 • AD: BK • CD: Prentice Howe • Programming: Go9

Door Number 3

As part of my work on creating the branding for Door Number 3, our website was the biggest challenge. I envisioned a way to intuitively view our work, see related work, and navigate the site in a seamless fashion. The backend was built in Rails.

Completed at Door Number 3 • AD: BK • CD: Prentice Howe • Programming: TRNSFR

American Bank

This was a huge project, with a lot of moving parts and a lot of people involved. My responsibilities for this website redesign started with wireframing the entire site and working on site navigation. I was also involved with the overall design and imagery. A big shoutout goes to Kristin Bonett who also did a lot of the heavy lifting, especially on all the various graphic elements.

Completed at Door Number 3 • AD: BK • Designer: Kristin Bonett • CD: Prentice Howe