Terra Renewal

Terra Renewal, a Houston-based waste management company, tasked Door Number 3 with creating an animated video to not only introduce the company, but also define its overarching philosophy called “Futurecycling.” Equal parts information and subtle humor, the video is used in a variety of formats, including on the web, at trade shows, and in meetings.

Art Director/Illustrator: BK • Copywriter: Mark Killian • CD: Prentice Howe • Completed at Door Number 3


Quipt from Sidekick Animation on Vimeo.

After working on the brand identity for Quipt, the next step was creating a two minute trailer as a way to easily and humorously convey all of their capabilities. Working off of a client-provided script, my duties included creating storyboards, fully illustrating all the key frames, and art directing the animation, voice talent, sound effects, and music.

Art Director/Illustrator: BK • Copywriting: Quipt • Animation: Erik Lauritzen


Qlobe is an app developed here in Austin that combines social media, deals, and local boutique fashion. We were tasked with creating an entertaining, informative introduction to what Qlobe does. The spot is completely made up of my illustrated keyframes and hopefully not the last time we see that cat.

Completed at Door Number 3 • AD: BK • Copywriter: Mark Killian • CD: Prentice Howe

Blood Center: Holiday Drive

This holiday blood drive :30 TV-spot features my illustration, a really bummed out reindeer, and the voice actor who has done Winnie the Pooh. This spot was produced a few years ago, but it’s been such a favorite the Blood Center of Central Texas renews it every holiday season.

Completed at Door Number 3 • AD: BK • CD/Writer: Prentice Howe