Misprint Magazine

misprint magazinemisprint magazine

I co-founded Misprint Magazine back in 2005 with two very close friends of mine. I have to admit our intentions weren’t all that lofty. Our first issue was 16 pages, black and white and a run of 500 copies we put at our favorite dive bars. Fast forward to today, where Misprint is 2-color, 5000 copies strong, and hosts a variety of sold-out events throughout the year promoted with screenprinted posters.

What the hell is Misprint all about? The best I can say is that the magazine is an autobiographical/fake/subcultural/ anthropological take on Austin, the creative scene, and the dumb shit we may or may not partake in while spending our 20s and 30s here. A typical issue has a variety of single-page articles that are text heavy and more art-centric center spreads. We host events throughout the year, with our most notable being the annual Beard & Moustache Competition, home to a sold-out 1000+ crowd every year at the Mohawk.

Over the years we’ve been profiled in Nylon Magazine, The Austin American-Statesman and The Austin Chronicle. My design work has been honored by the Chicago International Poster Biennial, Print Magazine and Communication Arts.

The Facts
Number of Issues: 21
Distribution: 5,000
Page Average: 32