Fun Fun Fun Fest

Fun Fun Fun Fest, in my humble opinion, is one of the best music festivals in the country. Not only do the people behind the fest book the most innovative lineup, but their overall aesthetic vibe is pretty much exactly in line with my own. The collaborations we’ve shared since 2009 have resulted in some of my best work.

The festival started in November 2006, but my significant work didn’t start until 2009, when I executed a complete redesign of the brand. Since there are four genre stages, a brand identity of four colors was implemented and applied to each stage: The Orange/Indie Rock stage, the Black/Metal & Punk stage, the Blue/Electronic & Hip Hop stage, and the Yellow/Comedy stage.

Building off of this brand foundation, over the years I’ve created a variety of work for the festival- everything from wayfinding and stage banners, posters, program illustrations and merchandise. Every year the aesthetic is honed and modified, to still feel fresh, but always rooted in the established Fun Fun Fun Fest aesthetic.

Festival shot by Trent Lesikar