Misprint Retrospective

It’s happening. The other Misprint dudes and I are slowly but surely putting together the Misprint Retrospective. It will be a comprehensive, issue by issue, annotated collection from 20 issues and over five years of content. My best guess right now is that it will be a 500-page book, with a center section of color images of posters, flyers and photos from shows. As more details come, I’ll update this space.

Graphic USA

graphic USA

Published in late December 2010, Graphic USA is a city travel book written by artists and designers. I was asked to write and illustrate the chapter about my home base, Austin. You can see a selection of my illustrations here. It’s a great book, and available on Amazon, where Cicada Press was nice enough to list me as the lead author. It was really fun to write about Austin, and describe in loving detail all the bars, restaurants, shops and art galleries I frequent. Buy the book to find out what I recommend, but to give you a taste my chapter intro is after the jump. MORE+ (more…)