Now on Pinterest

I’m now on Pinterest. As of now, my boards include shameless self promotion and cephalopods in advertising, which I really think will really break down the walls of Pinterest. There will also be a back and forth board, PI/ONG, with my co-worker Mark.

A Tale of 2 Beard Posters

I’ve often found that when I create work, the process falls into one of two categories: the Flash or the Fog. I’m sure it’s pretty typical of most creatives. A project gets solved in a bold bolt of inspiration, or it stews in a vague form until something finally clicks. The Misprint Beard & Moustache Competition posters for our 4th and 5th anniversaries fall into those two categories. For 2010’s 4th annual poster, the idea of a dude with a huge beard populated with a bunch of random stuff came to me quickly. I sketched it out and then in one late night created the entire poster. It was an exhilarating moment. The process for 2011’s 5th annual poster, however, was one of the lowest points of my career and almost proved (in my mind) that I was probably a hack. MORE+ (more…)