Birds Barbershop


When I first met with the owners of Birds Barbershop in 2006, they had an empty building and a dream of a better salon. I was fortunate enough to work with them from the beginning, developing their brand identity and overall aesthetic. My work has not only included a variety of  branding and poster work for Birds, but the designs for four of their location’s in-store murals.

Birds South Lamar (original location) features a mammoth 40-foot mural screenprinted directly onto the wall surface. Two late-night weeks and over 120 individual screens were needed to complete the piece. Birds East 6th features a simple black/white/yellow color scheme with a variety of east side motifs collaged using wheatpaste techniques. Birds Hancock is a series of three panels around 20 feet wide and an intricate black/red/blue design. Birds Congress, their flagship location, features 6 panels, of minimalist space landscapes constructed from woodgrain patterns, printed on 8 foot wide sheets of aluminum.

Birds Barbershop has been consistently honored as one of Elle Magazine’s Top 50 Salons in the country and has won every Austin Chronicle Best of Austin award in its category since opening in 2006. The brand has been profiled in everything from the New York Times to Newsweek to Step Inside Design.